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Gun Industry Brands that start with “#’s”

1791 Gunleather

1791 is a holster company.

.30-06 Outdoors

.30-06 Outdoors specializes in Archery accessories but also has outdoor gear and some holsters and fabric products.

12 Survivors

12 Survivors offers camping, survival, and outdoor gear including emergency gear.

13 Fishing

13 Fishing is a fishing-specific brand that carries rods, reels, and artificial baits as well as apparel.

2A Armament

2A Armament is an AR-15 centered company offering accessories, parts, and builds on the platform.


3Coil makes small multi-tools that are based on gear and gun designs.

3M Peltor

3M Peltor is a major manufacturer that has a division catering to gun and shooter safety, including ear and eye protection and PPE.


5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical offers tactical and mission-ready footwear and other apparel and gear.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “A”


A-ZOOM is a specialty snap cap line under the Lyman brand name.


Accusharp manufactures knife sharpeners and knives and multi-tools.


Adaptive Tactical

Adaptive Tactical produces tactical add-on accessories including stocks and mounting accessories for firearms.

Advanced Armament Corp

Advanced Armament Corp makes silencers/suppressors and offers other muzzle end accessories like brakes and compensators.

Adventure Medical Kits

Adventure Medical Kits is a brand of comprehensive mobile first aid kits and trauma related gear and packs.

After Bite

After Bite is part of the Adventure Ready Brands and offers bite and itch treatments.


AimShot makes bore sights, lasers, lights, and optics.

Al Mar

Al Mar is a premium knife maker.


Allen offers storage products, gun care items, gun cases, apparel, and shooting accessories.

Alpine Mountain Gear

Alpine Mountain Gear offers camping and hiking gear.


ALTA manufactures tactical gear, tactical gun accessories, and optics, including tools and AR-15 accessories.


Amend2 makes firearms magazines, tactical equipment, and concealed carry gear.

American Hunter

American Hunter makes game feeders and accessories for game management and feeding.


AmeriGlo makes firearms sights including those made with tritium for use in dark areas.

Apex Tactical Specialties

Apex Tactical Specialties produces aftermarket competition accessories and parts for modifying handguns and some rifles.

Artisan Cutlery

Artisan Cutlery is a knifemaker.


ASP manufactures law enforcement and non-lethal products including batons, restraints, and lights, as well as training equipment.


Athlon produces optics of all types including gun-specific and sporting optics including scopes, rangefinders, and binoculars.


ATI manufactures stocks and other gun parts and accessories.


ATN offers thermal imaging and night vision optics as well as other digital optics.


AXCEL is an archery-specific brand specializing in archery and bow-related accessories.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “B”

Backup Tactical

Backup Tactical manufactures threaded barrels and accessories for a variety of firearms.

Barker Manufacturing

Barker Manufacturing makes water storage products and other RV-centric items.


Barska makes optics of all types in a budget range. They also make other firearm specific products, like tools and safes.


Battenfeld is a diversified group of companies that makes tools and shooting specific technology and products.

Battle Arms Development, Inc. 

Battle Arms Development, Inc. manufactures products, including firearms for the AR platform and provides parts and accessories as well.

Bear Archery

Bear Archery makes bowhunting and archery equipment across the entire range of products in the sector.


Benchmaster manufactures shooting tables, chairs, range items, and storage products.

Benjamin Sheridan 

Benjamin Sheridan is an Air Gun powerhouse.


Ben’s makes some of the most respected and proven bug and tick repellents in the world.


Beretta makes firearms and offers a huge catalog of apparel, accessories and shooting gear under the brand name. They are one of the oldest brands in the world, and among the most respected and oldest brands in the gun industry.

Bering Optics

Bering Optics – an original innovator in the night vision optics space, the company makes thermal scopes, night vision products and other associated products.


Betts produces nets for fishing and other products in the segment.


Bianchi is a brand under the Safariland umbrella that makes holsters and law enforcement products.

Birchwood Casey

Birchwood Casey makes tools, chemicals for the gun industry and cleaning equipment among other accessories and firearms specific products. They have a robust target shooting and benchrest accessory catalog as well.


BLACKHAWK produces holsters and concealment gear.


Blade-Tech makes belts and holsters as well as other tactical gear.

BLOCK Targets

BLOCK Targets is a FeraDyne company that produces an innovative type of archery target that outlasts nearly anything you can shoot at it from a bow.

BLOCK Targets

BLOCK Targets

BnM Fishing

BnM Fishing is famous for thier fishing poles, but also offers a diversified portfolio of fishing gear, tackle and rods.


Bobster makes premium eyewear that caters to the tactical set, hunters and shooters.


BOG produces shooting rests trail cameras and associated hunting and outdoor gear.


Bohning specializes in archery equipment including premium arrows.

Boker USA

Boker USA is a famous knifemaker that offers a large catalog of blades and edged tools and weapons.


BOLT Lock manufactures products that can use your vehicle key for additional locking mechanisms like padlocks and trailer hitch locks, etc.

Boomerang Tool Company

Boomerang Tool Company manufactures products that have built the “Retractable Outdoor Product” segment of the hunting and fishing market. They are famous for their clip-on, tethered fishing line cutters that retract on a cord.

Bradley Smoker

Bradley Smoker produces Electric smokers that cater to hunters and professionals.

Bravo Company 

Bravo Company manufactures parts, accessories and add-on products for the AR platform and other firearms.


BreakFree is a cleaning brand under the Safariland brand umbrella.

Breakthrough Clean Technologies 

Breakthrough Clean Technologies produces cleaning products for all types of firearms and shooting needs.

Bridgestone Golf

Bridgestone Golf makes golfballs and golf accessories.


BSA makes optics.

Bubba Blade

Bubba Blade markets fishing blades and tools.


BucknBear makes blades of all types.

Bulldog Cases 

Bulldog Cases offers tactical gear, firearms cases, gun socks, holsters, concealment purses and vaults.


Burris makes premium glass based and electronic optics.

Butler Creek 

Butler Creek produces slings, magazines, loaders, scope covers and harnesses, among other accessories for firearms.

Byrd by Spyderco

Byrd by Spyderco a budget Spyderco option that doesn’t compromise.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “C”

Caddis Sports

Caddis Sports makes floats, waders, and other outdoor gear and accessories.

Cajun Archery

Cajun Archery makes bowfishing gear and accessories.


Caldwell makes firearms accessories and tools including rests, range gear, safety equipment and targets.


Callaway manufactures and offers world-leading golf products and clubs.


Camcon produces shemagh’s and associated camouflage items.


Camillus makes knives.


Cannon produces marine equipment and products including downriggers and trolling gear.

Carbon Express

Carbon Express offers advanced carbon arrows. A FeraDyne Company.


Carlson makes snap caps, tools, choke tubes and other gun related accessories and parts.

Cass Creek

Cass Creek produces electronic game calls.


Cauldryn is a maker of battery heated mugs.


Caviness offers paddles for canoes and kayaks.


Celestron manufactures observation optics and flashlights among other associated gear.


Champro manufactures sporting goods including athletic gear for baseball, softball, basketball, football, lacrosse, hockey, soccer and volleyball.

Char Broil

Char Broil makes BBQ’s and grilling accessories.

CJRB Cutlery

CJRB Cutlery makes EDC knives among other cutting tools.

Cloud Defensive 

Cloud Defensive produces lights, mounts, accessories and add-ons for firearms.


C-MAP offers superior fishing maps for fish finders and specialty electronics in the marine environment.

CMC Triggers

CMC Triggers produces triggers, barrels and parts for various platforms including Glock, the AR-10 and AR-15 and the AK.

C-More Systems 

C-More Systems makes sights, optics parts and accessories for various firearm platforms.

Cobra Golf

Cobra Golf makes golf clubs and accessories.

Code Red Scents/Code Blue Scents

Code Red Scents and Code Blue Scents are game scents that work.

Cold Steel

Cold Steel is a knife making powerhouse.


Coleman makes camping gear including stoves, tents, sleeping bags, coolers and other gear.

Compass 360

Compass 360 produces rain wear apparel.

Competition Electronics

Competition Electronics makes competition products including chronographs and other shooting products.

Condor Tool & Knife

Condor Tool & Knife produces knives, tools and gear.

ConQuest Scents

ConQuest Scents sells hunting scent products and other hunting equipment, tools and products. They also sell dog training products in the genre.

Counter Assault

Counter Assault makes bear spray.

Covert Scouting Cameras

Covert Scouting Cameras is a FeraDyne brand that makes trail cameras.

Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace manufactures lasers, optics, electronic add-ons and tactical gear for firearms.


Columbia River Knife & Tool is a knife maker with a loyal following and a large portfolio of products including tools and survival gear.


Crosman produces air guns and affiliated products.


Crossfire offers holsters.


Cuda produces fishing tools.

Cutting Edge Products

Cutting Edge Products markets self defense products.


Cyclops makes special purpose spotlights and headlamps.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “D”


D.T. SYSTEMS offer advanced dog training systems and tools for training hunting dogs.


Daisy is an air gun company.


Daiwa is a fishing powerhouse known around the world.

Dakota Watch

Dakota Watch makes watches that clip onto backpacks or other locations for fast read times.


Danielson makes fishing tackle.


Darton makes compound bows and crossbows and archery equipment.

Davis Instruments

Davis Instruments offers marine-specific accessories and equipment.

Dead Air Armament 

Dead Air Armament is a producer of silencers and suppressors.


Delta makes archery targets.

DeSantis Gunhide 

DeSantis Gunhide is a holster maker.


DeWalt is a mainstream tool company.

Diamondback Firearms

Diamondback Firearms produces firearms and accessories.

Diamondhead USA, Inc.

Diamondhead USA, Inc. focuses on the AR platform mostly, by making accessories, add-ons and tactical products that utilize the platform.


DMT is a maker of sharpening systems for cutting tools and knives. They make diamond sharpeners.

Do All Outdoors

Do All Outdoors specializes in trap, skeet and clay products and tools.


Dogtra produces dog-specific products that help training and hunting scenarios by introducing solid technology into the mix.


Do-It produces jig and soft bait molds for fishing enthusiasts.


DryGuy produces shoe and boot drying systems.

Dual Pro

Dual Pro makes charging solutions for marine batteries.

Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited is primarily a conservation group that focuses on wetlands conservation, but it also licenses its name to accessories, hunting and shooting products.


DURAMAG is a magazine manufacturer that specializes in metal-only magazines for firearms.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “E”

Eagle Claw

Eagle Claw is primarily known as a fishing hook manufacturer, but they have grown into a diversified fishing powerhouse.

Eagle Industries 

Eagle Industries makes packs, bags and tactical accessories, including other cloth based products.

Ed Brown 

Ed Brown makes parts, tools and accessories with a heavy slant towards the 1911 platform. They also make complete custom firearms.


EKA is a knife maker.

Elite Tactical Systems Group

Elite Tactical Systems Group makes magazines and speedloaders.

Elk Ridge

Elk Ridge is a knife maker.


EOTECH makes electronic optics that have a rough and ready reputation.

ESS Eyewear

ESS Eyewear makes tactical eyewear including goggles.


Everlast is a boxing focused fitness brand that offers fighting and boxing gloves as well as other affiliated accessories, apparel and fitness equipment.


Excalibur is a crossbow focused company.

Extreme Dimension

Extreme Dimension has electronic game calls that are affiliated with Ruger.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “F”

FAB Defense

FAB Defense is an Israeli manufacturer of premium firearm accessories and add-ons that skew heavily tactical.


Fallkniven is a premium maker of knives, mostly in the camping, bushcraft space.


Firefield markets optics and tactical sighting systems.

Fish Logger

Fish Logger makes smart, integrated fish (weight) scales.

Fisher Space Pen

Fisher Space Pen makes pressurized writing tools that write anywhere on anything.

Flying Fisherman

Flying Fisherman manufactures sunglasses mostly geared towards sport fishing and water-based applications.


Fobus makes plastic based holster systems that are marketed to law enforcement and competition shooters.


Folomov produces lighting solutions and tactical flashlights.

Fox Knives

Fox Knives makes a line of premium knives.


Frabill is a fishing brand that focuses mostly on ice fishing equipment and accessories, including tools and shelters.

Frankford Arsenal

Frankford Arsenal manufactures case prep tools and reloading equipment.

Frogg Toggs

Frogg Toggs produces water tight gear, rain gear and waders.

Full Throttle

Full Throttle produces water safety equipment including children’s life vests, etc.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “G”


G5 makes broadheads and other archery items.


Galco makes leather goods and holsters, including integrated concealment products.


Gamakatsu is a fishing hook manufacturer that has a legendary status in the industry.


Game-Face makes novelty firearms items including “toy guns” and airsoft guns.


Gamo is an air gun powerhouse.


Geigerrig is part of the Aquamira family and specializes in the hydration and filtration segment.


Gemtech manufactures silencers and suppressors. They are one of the original companies in the space.


Genesis is an archery company that makes bows and accessories.


Gerber makes gear, tools, and knives in the USA.


Glock is a firearm manufacturer that also makes branded accessories and tools and add-ons. Glock is one of the original polymer firearm manufacturers.


Go-Light makes innovative lighting systems that can be mounted in vehicles or used in some marine applications.

Gould & Goodrich

Gould & Goodrich produces holsters and law enforcement equipment.

GPS Bags

GPS Bags makes tactical firearms bags and packs, and other accessories in the segment.


Grabber makes products that keep you warm, including hand warmers and socks.

Great Neck

Great Neck makes tools.

Grey Ghost Gear

Grey Ghost Gear makes tactical gear including armor plates, pouches, belts and packs.

Grizzly Fitness

Grizzly Fitness makes weight lifting equipment including gloves.


GrovTec makes parts and tactical accessories as well as add-ons, like sling swivels and hammer extensions.

GSM Outdoors

GSM Outdoors has become one of the largest outdoor gear companies in the world that caters almost exclusively to hunters, shooters and the firearms industry. They have more than a dozen core brands including companies like Walker’s, Birchwood Casey and Cold Steel knives.

Guard Dog Security

Guard Dog Security makes personal self defense products like pepper spray, etc.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “H”

H&N Sport

H&N Sport is focused on the air gun industry and offers air gun pellets, etc.

Hang Ten Gold

Hang Ten Gold makes sunglasses and apparel and is a surf and water related company.


Harris is a maker of bipods – one of the original manufacturers in the space.


Hatch makes duty gloves and other law enforcement specific and tactical related gear. Part of the Safariland Group of companies.


Hatsan produces airguns.

Hawk Treestands

Hawk Treestands makes tree stands, ladders, and other hunting specific gear.

Heat Holders

Heat Holders makes thermal socks suitable for hunting.

HHA Sports

HHA Sports makes archery accessories and sights.


Hi-Viz makes fiber optic and tritium based sights and associated parts and accessories.


HK  manufactures firearms, accessories and licensed products based on their name brand.


HKS  produces speed loaders and accessories in that space.


HME makes hunting specific equipment including stands, tools, mounts and archery accessories, etc.


Hogue is a traditional grip maker that has branched into law enforcement products, knives, accessories and other gun related gear.

Honeywell Safety Products 

Honeywell Safety Products  makes PPE and shooting safety equipment.


Hooyman makes tree saws, pole saws, shovels and other tools.


Hoppe’s offers solvents, kits, oils, and other cleaning accessories.

Horn Hunter

Horn Hunter makes packs and other hunting accessories.


Hornady, while seen often as a premium ammunition maker, also makes a diverse line of firearms accessories.

Hot Hands

Hot Hands makes chemical reaction heating packs that help to keep, not only your hands warm.

Howard Leight

Howard Leight makes personal shooting safety equipment.


makes fishing electronics and mapping solutions.

Hunters Specialties

Hunters Specialties makes hunting specific accessories and products like scents, and scent control, etc.


Hurricane makes archery targets and accessories. They are a FeraDyne brand.


Hyskore manufactures shooting rest, storage and rack equipment for firearms and other assorted accessories.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “I”

Impulse Product

Impulse Product offers paracord products and knives.


IQ makes archery accessories.


iSCOPE helps you video record hunts and observation through an optic.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “J”


J Brand

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “K”


KA-BAR offers knives, novelties and tools.


Kamp-Rite is famous for their tent-cot and offers other camping equipment.

KE Arms 

KE Arms has an AR-15 slant for its tools, products and accessories.


Kershaw is a diversified knife maker.


Kleen-Bore offers cleaning equipment, accessories and chemicals to help shooters and hunters clean their firearms.


Klymit produces proprietary camping products that utilize innovative materials and components to achieve ultra light weight or extreme capabilities. This includes apparel, tents, sleeping bags and sleeping pads.

Knight and Hale

Knight & Hale makes game calls and other hunting gear.

KNS Precision, Inc.

KNS Precision, Inc. makes parts and accessories with an AR/AK slant.


Konus makes optics, including some with very niche placements among the hunting segment of the market.


Kopfjager produces tripod-based firearms rests and mounts for use in the field.


KRISS USA, Inc is a firearms manufacturer and offers gear and accessories for its products.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “L”

L.A.G. Tactical, Inc. 

L.A.G. Tactical, Inc. produces tactical gear and holsters.


Lansky is a maker of sharpening systems for knives of all types.


LanTac USA LLC produces accessories and items for the AR-15 platform.


LaserMax makes innovative lasers and target acquisition systems.

Leapers, Inc. – UTG 

Leapers, Inc. – UTG  offers tactical equipment and accessories, bi-pods, and optics.

Lee Fisher Sports

Lee Fisher Sports provides fishing equipment, including nets.

Lee Precision

Lee Precision is a leader in reloading equipment and relevant accessories.


Leica produces storied, high-end optics, including scopes, binoculars and beyond.


Leupold makes scopes, mounts and other optics and optic related gear and accessories.

Lew’s Fishing

Lew’s Fishing offers rods, reels and combos for fishing enthusiasts.


Lockdown produces gun concealment magnets.


Lodge makes cast iron cookware and associated home and camping cooking equipment and accessories. They have other lines of cookware including high-end steel pans that are lighter weight and chosen by professional chefs.


Lowrance produces fishing electronics.


LWRC makes firearms, generally in the AR-15 gas driven segment of the market. They also offer accessories.


Lyman owns a variety of brands that help shooters and hunters with accessorizing, fixing and maintaining their firearms. They also have a heavy reloading and practical gun maintenance slant.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “M”

M&P Accessories

M&P Accessories is a sub-brand of the Smith & Wesson company that has tactically-focused items including knives, flashlights, bags, and other gear.

Mace Security International 

Mace Security International is famous for their MACE brand of personal protection spray — they are now a diversified personal protection company.


Magellan has a series of smart watches that work well for outdoor and fitness enthusiasts.


Maglite makes flashlights.


Maglula makes magazine loaders to assist with saving thumbs and increasing speed for competition and high-volume shooters.

Magpul Industries 

Magpul Industries manufactures polymer accessories including stocks, magazines and add-ons for a variety of firearms as well as other gear with a heavy tactical slant. They are also heavily into apparel.


Magpump makes assistive loading devices for magazines so you don’t have to hurt your thumbs loading a high volume of ammunition.


Mako produces novelty grips for the AR platform among other accessories.

Mantis Knives

Mantis Knives makes knives and multi-tools.

Marine Metal

Marine Metal makes live bait and live well aeration systems and solutions.

Martin Fishing

Martin Fishing makes fishing equipment.

Master Cutlery

Master Cutlery produces and markets cutlery and associated accessories, including training equipment.

Maxima Fishing Line

Maxima Fishing Line is a company that makes monofilament and other fishing tackle.


Maxpedition makes packs, bags, tactical equipment and other cloth products with a heavy law enforcement and tactical slant.


Mec-Gar makes magazines including as an OEM producer for other manufacturers.

Mechanix Wear

Mechanix Wear makes gloves, including shooting and tactical gloves.


Mepps produces fishing tackle and lures.


Meprolight makes innovative sights, optics, electronics and sighting solutions for firearms, law enforcement and military.


Merchants-of-Golf makes golf products.

Midwest Industries 

Midwest Industries makes innovative accessories and add-ons for the AR-15 and other platforms as well as full firearms and parts.

Minn Kota

Minn Kota is one of the original trolling motor companies and they also produce marine equipment like shallow water anchors, etc.

Mission First Tactical

Mission First Tactical makes tactically inspired holsters, cases, gear accessories and other things with a slight kydex slant.


MIZCO markets products in the novelty segment that showcases college sports teams including selfie sticks.

Mob Armor

Mob Armor produces mobile mounts for technology including smart phones and tablets that can be used off-road or in other scenarios.


Monadnock makes tactical and law enforcement tools and gear including restraints and batons, etc.


Motorguide manufactures trolling motors and associated products.


Moultrie produces game management equipment and trail cameras as well as other affiliated products.

M-PRO 7 

M-PRO 7 makes gun cleaning solvents oils and supplies.

Mr Heater

Mr Heater makes propane based heaters, that are used outdoors.


MTech makes knives.


Muddy makes hunting products including tree stands and trail cameras among others.


Mueller makes optics for firearms.


Mustad is a fishing hook and tackle powerhouse that has been in business a long time.


Mustang produces water sports safety equipment including inflatable life vest and PFD’s.


Muzzy makes archery related products including broad heads. They are part of the FeraDyne Brand.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “N”


NAP manufactures arrow components including arrowheads and fletchings, vanes, etc.

National Geographic

National Geographic markets travel gear like duffel bags and gloves, etc.


Natrapel makes less-harsh insect repellents.


NcSTAR produces tactical equipment, accessories and optics.


NDuR makes survival, camping and cooking products.

Nemesis Knives

Nemesis Knives is a knife maker.


Nightstick manufactures lighting solutions with a proprietary magnetic base.


NITECORE produces lighting and flashlights and associated gear and accessories.


Nockturnal is part of the FeraDyne Brand and offers lighted nocks for archers.

North American Rescue 

North American Rescue makes tactical medical equipment, trauma kits and standard first aid options.


Northwest markets novelty items with college sports teams on them.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “O”

Oakley Standard Issue 

Oakley Standard Issue makes tactical and fashion apparel and equipment including boots, glasses, gloves and other gear.


Okuma makes fishing gear including reels, rods and tackle.

Old Timer

Old Timer is a long-time knife maker.

Omega Sight

Omega Sight makes tech-heavy digital sights that include range-finding technology, and a host of other options including video recording and long-range precision capabilities.

Ontario Knife Company

Ontario Knife Company makes knives, (unsurprisingly).

Onyx Outdoor

Onyx Outdoor produces water sports safety equipment including inflatable life jackets.

Osage River Gear

Osage River Gear produces packs, bags and other associated gear for camping, hunting and fishing.

Otis Technology 

Otis Technology makes premium cleaning equipment and associated tooling for firearms maintenance. This includes their famous ‘RipCord’ bore snakes.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “P”


Pachmayr is another Lyman brand Powerhouse, that specializes in grips, recoil pads and other shock absorbing and firearm related gear and accessories.


PahaQue produces trailer camping gear including shades, covers and tents as well as other accessories.

Police Force

Police Force markets law enforcement inspired personal protection equipment.


Preyda makes premium sharpening stones, sharpening systems and loose stones including hard Arkansas stones.

Pro Ears

Pro Ears makes electronic hearing protection, passive hearing protection and various options from in-ear to over-the-ear protection for hunters, shooters and consumers.


Proelia is a knife maker.


ProMag is a manufacturer of magazines that even includes work as an OEM manufacturer for some firearms companies.

Pro-Shot Products 

Pro-Shot Products produces integrated cleaning kits for firearms and cleaning products.

Prvi Partizan (PPU-USA)

Prvi Partizan (PPU-USA) makes ammunition and firearms gear.

PS Products

PS Products markets personal security products including bullet resistant backpack plates and small protection items.


Pulsar is a manufacturer of thermal, digital and night vision optics.


PulseTech produces battery maintainers, chargers and controls for solar installs.


Pyramex makes safety equipment and varied PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “Q”

Quality Archery Designs

Quality Archery Designs makes arrow rest and archery related accessories.


Quantum Fishing is a longstanding company in the diversified fishing industry that specializes in gear, tackle rods and reels.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “R”


Radians makes safety equipment including glasses suitable for shooting sports and hunting.


Rage Archery makes arrowheads and archery accessories.


Rapala is the maker of some of the world’s most popular fishing lures and makes associated accessories and fishing gear.


RapidPure makes consumer-centric water filtration products and water bottles made for active use.

Ravin Crossbows

Ravin Crossbows produces Crossbows and associated gear.


Rawlings is a diversified sporting goods company that offers sporting goods in a variety of sports disciplines.


ReadyWise markets survival and prepper-related products specifically in the food storage and first aid arena.


Redi-Edge makes portable knife sharpeners.


Reliance is a producer of camping products including water storage and management and waste management products.


Remington makes firearms, ammunition and accessories.


Reptilia produces grips, stocks, optics mounts, mag wells and other accessories and add-ons with an AR-15 slant.

Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain makes archery sights and accessories.


Ruger makes firearms. They also brand tools accessories and other shooting accessories.They are among the largest manufacturers in the firearms industry in the world.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “S”


Sabre manufactures personal safety equipment.


Safariland makes tactical equipment and holsters.

Samson Manufacturing Corp. 

Samson Manufacturing Corp. makes a variety of parts, accessories, stocks and other add-on items for firearms.


Schrade is a diversified knife maker.

Scientific Anglers

Scientific Anglers makes fly fishing tackle, equipment, gear and accessories.

Scott Archery

Scott Archery offers archery equipment.


Scotty produces fishing rod holders and other boat and fishing related mounts and gear.


Seaguar makes fishing filament lines.


SeaSense makes marine products.


Seirus makes cold weather gear including gloves and face masks.


Serta has a line of inflatable beds for camping and hunting.


Sheffield is a knife makers.

Shooter 3D Targets

Shooter 3D Targets makes simulated game targets that are used for practicing archery hunting.


Sightmark makes a variety of firearms optics.


Sightron makes precision long range rifle scopes and other glass optics.


SIK makes golf equipment.


SilencerCo makes silencers, suppressors and other accessories that are related to that market segment.


Silky makes folding saws for camping, survival and prepping.


SKB makes heavy duty cases for firearms and other equipment and other shotgun specific competition gear.

Slick Trick

Slick Trick produces hunting broad heads.


SME makes a variety of shooting and hunting accessories, including brass catchers, targets, trap equipment and other accessories.

Smith & Wesson 

Smith & Wesson makes firearms as well as tools, knives, flashlights and other tactical equipment and gear.

Smith’s Sharpeners

Smith’s Sharpeners makes sharpeners for various cutting implements.

Smokehouse Products

Smokehouse Products makes meat smoking equipment and accessories.


SnapSafe is a Hornady brand that makes modular gun safes.


Snugpak produces camping equipment including sleeping bags, tents, packs, blankets and apparel.


SOL makes emergency blankets and sleeping bags.


SolPro makes solar chargers and battery packs.

Spike’s Tactical

Spike’s Tactical makes AR-15 focused parts, firearms and accessories.


SportLock makes firearms cases that lock.


Spyderco is a storied maker of knives and accessories.


Spypoint makes trail cameras and remote scouting equipment for hunters.


Srixon is a golf company that makes clubs and accessories.


Stack-On makes security devices and firearm storage.

Stealth Cam

Stealth Cam makes trail cameras and associated accessories.


Streamlight makes lights and accessories for law enforcment and commercial lighting needs.


Streetwise markets personal protection equipment.

Strike King

Strike King produces fishing lures and tackle.


StrikeMaster makes ice fishing auger drills under the Rapala brand.


Sufix is a brand line of the Rapala brand. It is fishing-centric.


Summit makes tree stands, hunting gear, accessories and safety equipment like climbing harnesses.


SureFire makes lights, lasers, suppressors, and tactical add-ons and accessories for the gun world and has a heavy law enforcement slant.


Suunto produces navigational and orienteering products.


Swab-Its makes specialty cleaning swaps for guns.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “T”

Tac Force

Tac Force makes knives.

Tac Shield

Tac Shield makes tactical slings, belts, pouches and gear.


Tacprogear is offering tactical gear, accessories and bags, vest and carriers.


TacStar makes tactical accessories for firearm modification and accessorizing under the Lyman brand.

Tactical Innovations

Tactical Innovations makes fake suppressors and thread adapters.

Tactical Solutions

Tactical Solutions produces parts, accessories and firearms based on the Ruger 10-22 platform.


Tagua makes holsters and other associated accessories.

Talley Manufacturing

Talley Manufacturing produces scope mounts and accessories for mounting optics.

Talon Armament

Talon Armament manufactures AR-based firearms.

TALON Grips Inc 

TALON Grips Inc makes stick on handgun grips.


TangoDown produces firearms and tactical accessories including magazines, grips, modifications and optics.


Tannerite is a unique target experience for shooters.

Taran Tactical Innovation

Taran Tactical Innovation manufactures tactical and competition related modification components for firearms.


Tarantula makes archery related accessories like quivers.

Target Sports

Target Sports produces magazines and parts.


Tasco is an optics company.


Taser has become the figurehead in the non-lethal market, where their name has become the de facto standard verb for one of their product’s operations. They make Tasers.

Tasmanian Tiger

Tasmanian Tiger manufactures tactical equipment, bags and accessories made mostly from cloth.


Taurus is a firearm manufacturer.

Tech Team

Tech Team makes canoe and kayak storage accessories.

Techna Clip 

Techna Clip makes low-profile concealed carry items.


TekMat makes cleaning mats and door mats with gun related themes printed on them.


Thermos is a classic brand that is focused on heat or cold preserving products for food storage and associated accessories.

Third Wave Power

Third Wave Power offers solar chargers and back up battery packs and flashlights.

Thompson Center Arms

Thompson Center Arms makes hunting and competition firearms with an interesting proprietary platform that allows some degree of modularity and interchangability.


Tikka makes premium long range precision rifles and accessories.


Timberline makes gear including survival equipment like paracord items and knives.

Timney Triggers

Timney Triggers makes premium triggers and is an original innovator in the space.


Tipton makes cleaning equipment and accessories for guns as well as snap caps.

Top Dawg

Top Dawg is a manufacturer of sports minded electronic devices including towing back up cameras.

Tornado Personal Defense 

Tornado Personal Defense is a maker of fast pepper spray and other personal defense options that live in the non-lethal realm.

Tour Edge

Tour Edge makes golf clubs and associated accessories.

TPS Arms

TPS Arms make guns and parts.

TRC Recreation

TRC Recreation makes water-sports safety equipment including life preserver vests and flotation devices.


Trijicon is one of the more storied companies in the military grade optics arena. They produce optics, including sights, reflex optics, thermal scopes and glass sighting options.


TriggerTech makes triggers for the AR and the Remington 700.


Trimax offers towing equipment like locking tow hitches, and locking wheel safety equipment for heavy trailers and RV’s.


TriStar is a shotgun-centric firearm manufacturer.

Trophy Ridge

Trophy Ridge is part of bear Archery’s brand and offers accessories and add-ons for bow hunters.


TROY makes firearms, parts and accessories with a heavy tactical slant and mostly for AR-related firearms.

TRU Ball

TRU Ball is an Archery heavy , competition slanted company that produces accessories and other tools for archers, including hunting gear.


TruFire makes world class archery release aids and the parent company FeraDyne makes an assortment of hunting aids and accessories including trail cameras.


Truglo sells hunting shooting optics that prioritize bright colors as well as accessories for hunting and shooting and archery.

True Precision

True Precision makes barrels and slides among other modification items and parts.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “U”


Ulfhednar makes tactical products including suppressor covers, bags and cases and tripods for shooting long range precision rifles, in addition to other small accessories and tools.

Ultimate Survival Technologies

Ultimate Survival Technologies makes camping, survival and outdoor related gear and tools.


Ultradot makes specialty optics.

Ultradyne USA

Ultradyne USA manufactures parts including sights and muzzle attachments.


Umarex manufactures and markets air guns and associated products.

Uncle Henry

Uncle Henry makes knives.

Uncle Mike’s

Uncle Mike’s makes holsters and other cloth and Kydex related items for firearms as well as cleaning equipment and accessories.

Underwater Kinetics

Underwater Kinetics produces certified underwater lights and associated products for wet environment use.

Unified Marine

Unified Marine carries products and accessories in the marine sports industry, including under the brand name SeaSense.

US Optics 

US Optics makes glass optics, electronic optics and accessories that are associated with those products.

US Palm

US Palm manufactures products for the AK platform and other gear and tactical equipment.

US PeaceKeeper

US PeaceKeeper makes gun cases and other gear in the segment.

US Tactical

US Tactical offers belts, packs and other tactical loadout gear.


UTAS makes innovative 12 guage shotguns.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “V”

Venture Gear

Venture Gear produces sunglasses and safety gear for shooting.


Versacarry  is a manufacturer of concealed carry holsters.


Vertx  is a large manufacturer of tactical apparel and packs.

Vicious Vision

Vicious Vision produces eye-wear and shooting safety equipment in the eye protection arena.

Viridian Weapon Technologies 

Viridian Weapon Technologies manufactures gun lights, lasers and cameras and associated accessories.


Vism sells ballistic panels packs and other tactical cloth based equipment.


VLTOR makes hardcore tactical accessories and parts heavily skewed towards the AR platform.


Volvik makes colorful golf balls.

VZ Grips 

VZ Grips Produces Accessories and grips for pistols and rifles including G-10, carbon fiber and Micarta grips.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “W”


Walkers produces hearing protection and electronic ear equipment for shooting and hunting.


Walther manufactures premium firearms an accesories.


Warne is a specialty scope mount manufacturer.


Wenzel manufactures camping and leisure outdoor equipment including tents and sleeping bags.


Weatherby makes rifles and ammunition.


Weaver makes mounts, rings and other optics related hardware.

Western Rivers

Western Rivers makes specialized game and bird calls as well as hunting gear and accessories.


Wheeler makes and sells tools that are related to gunsmithing and gun customization.

Whitetail Institute

Whitetail Institute sells game feed and associated products.

Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat makes parts, accessories and custom modification tools and items with a large slant towards the 1911 platform, as well as their own firearms.

Wilson Sporting Goods

Wilson Sporting Goods is a multi-national sports equipment company that produces basketball, baseball, football, tennis, golf and other competitive gear.

Winchester Repeating Arms

Winchester Repeating Arms and Winchester Ammunition are part of one of the oldest brands in the firearm world and makes ammo and firearms as well as branded products, accessories and parts.

Windham Weaponry

Windham Weaponry manufactures complete firearms based on the AR-15 platform.

WMD Guns

WMD Guns produces parts and accessories and even a pistol based on the AR platform.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “X”


X-GRIP manufactures magazine spaces for extended grip profiles.

XS Sights

XS Sights manufactures sights for firearms including tritium night sights and specialty shotgun sights and accessories.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “Y”

Yankee Hill Machine Co

Yankee Hill Machine Co makes parts and accessories for the AR platform, and parts for several firearms including suppressors.


Yobo is company that makes knives.

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Gun Industry Brands that start with the letter “Z”


Zastava makes firearms and accessories for the AK style rifles and pistols.


Zebco is a fishing powerhouse, making rods, reels and accessories.


ZeroBravo makes firearm accessories.

ZEV Technologies

ZEV Technologies makes firearms, parts and accessories.


Zippo makes lighters, fuel hand warmers and other associated accessories.


Z-man sells artificial fishing bait, lures and accessories for fishing.

ZRO Delta

ZRO Delta makes firearms on the AR platform and parts for other gun modifications.

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